Our Scents

Here's a list of all of the scents that we carry and the custom blends that were inspired by friends, family, and mentors using our scents.

Power Move – Cedarwood, oak, and a hint of lavender.
Queen Bee – Lush coconuts drenched in sweet honey.
Goal Digger – Zesty Meyer lemons and sweet cane sugar.
Miss CEO – Juicy watermelon and sun-kissed lemons.
Exhale – Invigorating eucalyptus and fresh spearmint.
Lift-Off – Citrus, bergamot, jasmine, and spicy ginger.
Who’s the Boss – Succulent nectarines and bubbly champagne.
Rise and Grind – Rich espresso beans, creamy vanilla, and a hint of chocolate.
Level Up – Peaches, sweet cream, and green leaves.
Immaboss – Sweet berries, juicy citrus, and sparkling champagne.
Fierce – Juicy sliced watermelon and a touch of fresh kiwi.
Set it Off – Intoxicating vanilla, coconut, sparkling sugar, and sandalwood.
The Mentor – Baby powder, lavender, and sweet berries.
BAE – Tobacco leaf, tonka bean, cedarwood, and vanilla.
Make that Cake – Rich creamy vanilla, luscious vanilla cake, and sweet buttercream frosting.


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